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🌲 GREENTRUST the foremost Eco-friendly Cryptocurrency 🌲

GreenTrust token is a new project created on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), scalable, high-throughput protocol, powered by a BEP-20 token which is used for various forms of participation in the network (staking, transacting, voting & governance).

What generates interest about GreenTrust, is it moves far beyond any traditional cryptocurrency, having also the potential to contribute to substantially reduce the environmental impact and the carbon footprint.

GreenTrust strives to become the principal token involved in climate change, so if you care about the planet and want to truly make a difference, this is your chance!!

The goal of GreenTrust token is to contrast the carbon emission of blockchain technology, through several initiatives worldwide, as well as partnership with no-profit associations and engineering firms involved to develop new technologies in this sense. The Greentrust team and community as a whole, really believe in achieving these goals.


PLANT the foremost Eco-friendly Cryptocurrency ❗

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