🍁 420X – First NFT Announcement

The story so far

420X is making big moves. We listed on CMC on Friday and since then our true potential has begun to shine through. CMC listing was a blessing for us, it provided us that fuel to restart the engine after having such a hugely anticipated launch on April 20th. With over 2 weeks of solid foundations set by the team, with countless social media ads/influencers, selected charities, merchandise in the pipeline, some serious marketing budget to play with and coin gecko right around the corner, the community know the script, 420X is picking up speed and not stopping until we reach every corner of the globe. Question is, do you know the script and if you do, what are you waiting for? 🚂

420X Team Announcement – Exclusive 420X NFT releases coming this week!

The announcements never stop in this coin and today is no different. The team have today announced they are releasing some dope 420X NFTs in the coming week! We have a world-class professional graphic design contractors within our community helping with the designs of these dope NFTs. Just 1 example of how lit this community really is.

420X Basics

✔️ 95% Presale locked liquidity ($1.3 million)

✔️ Renounced Contract

✔️ Charities have been identified and will be announced soon

✔️ 6k (20%) new wallet holders in the last 24 hours!

✔️ 30000+ strong holders

✔️ Social Media

✔️ 11k+ telegram members

✔️ 1.6k+ tiktok followers

✔️ 4.6k Instagram followers

✔️ 9.5k Twitter followers

As 420x establishes its footing in the crypto and cannabis world, we humbly call out to you to join us in educating the unaware, helping those that have been harmed by prohibition, and rally across the globe to give 420x the platform the cannabis community needs!

We are beginning a revolution… And the people want it!!!

Do you smoke weed?

Me too! Join the squad, we have an army of bong/blunt/joint smoking chaps over here chilling on telegram, discord and reddit, but above that, join us because we are legit making a difference. All the buys/sells going on within 420X is all adding to a charity pot that will be donated to selected charity relating to medical marijuana usage and getting rid of the world-wide stigma surrounding it.

Have a think about us on your next smoke break.

420x Official Links :

⚖️ CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/420x

☎️ Telegram : https://t.me/The_Real_420X

🌐 Website : https://420xcoin.com

🐥 Twitter : https://twitter.com/420xcoin

📁Contract : https://bscscan.com/address/0xc4b790e1d5f0c3d8aa526f0a8098ed2a1ff0886a (Audited by TechRate)

🥞 Buy here on PancakeSwap(Use V1) : https://v1exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xC4b790e1D5f0c3d8AA526F0A8098eD2A1ff0886a

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