💎 Genie Token (GENIETOKEN) 🔥 10% BNB Rewards Auto-Lottery, Genie Verse NFTs Game Platform 100x Potential 🚀 CoinMarketCap : altcoin

What’s different about Genie Token?

A token with 10% BNB rewards and an auto lottery. Currently 6 billion Genie Token is required to enter the auto-lottery. It has already paid out over $120k+ in rewards and $28k+ in lottery funds in the past 3 months.

Listed on Coinmarketcap

They have also announced its upcoming Genieverse NFT Gaming Platform and concept character art has already started to be released.

3 Phase NFT Gaming Platform

The Genie team also are creating a 3 Phase NFT gaming platform:

1- NFT trading card game + marketplace

2- Arcade room

3- RPG NFT game

Phase 1:

It is a trading card game called Battle of a thousand nights. It will be ready to launch Q1 2022 and has already released some concept art of characters from the Genieverse, which will be part of all 3 phases of games.

The main characters are the lovable elegant genie “Olah the Powerful” and the demonic genie “Djinn.” The theme of good and evil is apparent here. There is also elemental clans fire, water, earth and wind.

Phase 2:

It will consist of a play on classic arcade games with a genie twist in an ever-expanding game library. There will initially be 3 games at launch of the arcade room in which players can compete for exclusive NFTs.

Phase 3:

It will be an RPG game and more details around this will be released closer to the time. But, the team did reveal it will be similar to an open world dungeon explorer in which the character cards you collected from the trading card game can be used in the RPG game. There will also be a marketplace where you can sell items collected from your epic quests on the NFT market place.

✅ Still a low marketcap gem

✅ Listed on Coinmarketcap

✅ 1300+ Holders

✅ 10% BNB Rewards

✅ Auto-Lottery

🌐Website: https://genietoken.io

🌐Telegram: https://t.me/genietokenofficial

🌐Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/genie-token

🌐Twitter: https://twitter.com/GenieTokenBsc

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