Bear Killer ($BKT) – Join the Army, Fight the Bear : altcoin

This project is very fresh but looks really promising considering the way BSC tokens have been moving recently. The presale will be this week and I’m very excited!

Bear Killer is a community response to the current bearish climate and increasing fear in the market. The project is crazy early but the team will be on voice chat at 400 members, and the contract is verified and checked.

A high 15% tax was built to deter quick pump and dumps, or abuse by bots on PancakeSwap. A whole 10% of this is redistributed to holders so there is a noticeable reward for hodling, and 5% is put into liquidity on PSC making trading fluid and easy in the long run.

The presale price is the same as the starting price on PancakeSwap which, combined with the 15% tax, will give this coin some serious short-term potential after launch. The dev team will be active on voice call in the telegram group, and they’ve made a fitting promotional video for the launch.

Many BSC tokens are doing over 10x instantly due to a properly marketed approach that grabs the support from the community. Killing the bear run is something that everyone can support and our quickly growing community seems dedicated to making a symbol out of $BKT!

Useful info:

1,000,000 Total Supply

15% tax on all transactions

10% redistributed to holders

5% to PSC liquidity

2% Dev wallet

Presale on DXsale soon!

Website – Coming soon

Telegram – @ BearKillerToken

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