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Decentralized Finance was a wow experience to every crypto investor when it was first introduced and it also gets a lot of attention from investors as it change the way financial institutions operate and take crypto transactions to the next frontier. However, ever since the creation of DeFi no DeFi project has the potential to shape the future world of DeFi asset management like Cook Finance, the project which the team involves ask the community what they like to see and how they want to be served before making a single decision cause they believe teamwork is the best way for a project to survive.

What is Cook Finance?

Cook Finance is a cross-chain decentralized new DeFi project that brings together the world of decentralized finance through the expert knowledge of the spread of funds with the integration of 6 blockchains and the project represents accessibility, utility, innovation, dividend, quality, transparency, and security. Funds can be managed passively or actively through whitelisted DeFi protocols and Cook Finance give investors the freedom to divest their tokens at any time they want in exchange for the equivalent underlying asset.

Cook Finance Benefit and Token Utility

  1. Modify Governance Model: If token holders are unsatisfied with the current governance model, they can recommend modifications to better serve their interests.

  2. Allocate Community Treasury: token holders can decide on how and when to start incentive programs and distribute COOK tokens from the Community Treasury.

  3. Update DeFi Whitelist: The whole community of Cook token holders can choose whether to add or remove a particular DeFi protocol to the protocol-level whitelist.

  4. Change Pricing Oracle: Cook Protocol uses a price oracle to estimate the investment fund expenses. Token holders can vote on how the price oracle should be modernized.

  5. Adjust Platform Fee: Cook token holders can choose to increase or decrease fees charged in the Cook finance ecosystem.

  6. Add New Features: Cook tokens can also be used to choose on adding new characteristics at the protocol level.

  7. Launching funds: Fund administrators must stake COOK to initialize new funds.

Cook Finance is already listed on Coin market cap:

Cook is already traded on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Hotbit, Hotcoin Global, ZT, Mdextech, Gate exchange, Hoo, etc.




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