DeFiChain (DFI) – Proof of stake & Liquidity mining : altcoin

Passive income-generator!

DeFi Blockchain is a decentralized blockchain platform specifically dedicated to enable fast, intelligent, and transparent decentralized financial services, accessible by everyone, everywhere.

Running on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, it features proven security and immutability by anchoring its most recent Merkle root to the Bitcoin blockchain every few minutes. The platform also features unparalleled high transaction throughput for all transactions, and reliable decentralized governance, on and off-chain.

The DeFi Blockchain is designed for investors in the cryptocurrency market who are looking to make their cryptocurrency work just like any other form of capital, such that they can ensure a return on investment in any market.

Features of the blockchain include Decentralized: Lending, Wrapping of Tokens, Pricing Oracles, Exchanges, Transferable Debts and Receivables, Non-Collateralized Debt, Asset Tokenization, and Distribution of Dividends.

You can stake the DFI coin for about 98% APY and also use it for liquidity mining along with BTC (87% APR), ETH (68% APR), LTC (79% APR), BCH (82% APR) and even DOGE (21% APR) and Tether USD (93% APR)!

Staking revenues for DFI are paid out twice a day for DFI. You can also stake DASH for 5,4% APY, which pays out once a day.

If you register at CakeDEFI you get $20 in DFI for signup and a minimum Investment of $50 (no matter what coin from the above). When you use my Ref-Code, we will both recieve additional $10 in DFI.

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