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Looks like DHOLD is up to something. After taking a beating in the slump this coin is now rebounding, and doing so with a vengeance! There is still trust in the project, as proven by the fact that the biggest whales not only refuse to sell, they are ALL buying more tokens by the trillions!

The token is still far below the previous ATH so the potential for profit is there.

DiamondHold is a unique project that introduces the concept of a wallet tier. It has been listed on CMC, the devs are face doxxed and the community is awesome

BSC Token $DHOLD is a project that is growing like crazy right now, and their Discord is super active and incredibly supportive.

What makes this project different? On top of the fact that it is a project run directly by actual programmers and crypto developers (not influencers and marketers looking for a pump and dump), it is actually a unique project.

A lot of projects will claim they are doing things differently, but I am yet to see another coin that is actually doing so. This project is different because the actual fundamentals are unique, and the devs are innovating in the space – come join the community to meet them as they’re extremely active!

They add in two new protocols not before seen, the first is where the longer you hold the token, the less tax you pay on all of your transactions. They do this via the use of a mechanic called wallet tiers, which is extremely fun as when you finally upgrade a tier you gain a bunch of new rewards!

The second is called phantomization, which essentially means that while you are not Tier 4 you will receive hidden tokens inside your wallet which cannot be accessed or traded until you mature your wallet – which means tokens are temporarily burned from the circulating supply!

Not only that, but as your upgrade your wallet a portion of your phantom tokens will vest to you giving you a huge bonus at certain intervals – one guy gained over $1,000 in phantom tokens upon hitting Tier 4.

Whitepaper: https://www.notion.so/Diamond-Hold-White-Paper-7622fdea18234b69aa7cd0047179d3d1

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/diamondhold/

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