Digital Reserve Currency. The next big SoV. Market cap of only $2.3 Million. : altcoin

What is DRC and why does it have value?:

Digital Reserve Currency (DRC) is a store of value cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. When you hear store of value you immediately think Bitcoin. The problem with Bitcoin is that it’s slow and each Bitcoin is divisible up to 10^-8 meaning there are really 100 million parts in a single Bitcoin or 2.1 quadrillion parts that could ever be in circulation (21 million / 10^-8). DRC on the other hand is an indivisible token meaning you can never have less than 1 DRC making it a much more efficient store of value. If you’re looking for a SoV you want a rare asset that won’t inflate. 100% of the DRC supply is already in circulation and was put into circulation initially. No team tokens or any other holds. There’s a total of 1 billion DRC. Now I’m not saying DRC is going to replace Bitcoin. At the end of the day, it’s just a much more efficient SoV, it’s non-divisible (first and currently the only cryptocurrency to do so), and it’s on the Ethereum and Polychain blockchains making it much quicker and more efficient. The product is also fully developed. I suggest you take a look at their website to see the DRC vault (basically a store of DRC created for HODLers who are rewarded with random DRC and NFT drawings which include hashmasks rare AI art pieces and many more).

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