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Esports and crypto audiences share many similarities — especially across demographics. One would expect a substantial overlap between the technologies since both are predominantly male, between the ages of 18–25, with a serious interest in Pacific Asia. However, Esports and crypto have not merged or expanded together with the way art and blockchain have with NFTs. Why is this the case? Why haven’t we seen major growth despite the synergies across the two industries?

Games on the blockchain are focused on blockchain technology itself, with little commitment to UX. Most game graphics are very basic, and the general user journey is clunky. Blockchain-based games are also designed for collaboration but primarily through metaverses.

How can we better leverage opportunities across Esports and the blockchain?

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Rather than attempting to rebuild esports on the blockchain, Verasity, with Esports Fight Club, is bridging existing Esports tournaments with crypto.

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