Giving to All People Token (GAPToken) : altcoin

Hey crypto addicted community. There is a Token i want to share with u:

GAPToken: CMC:

In my opinion this project has huge potential (100x) and the market cap is still low and the coin was not mooning yet! So it is just perfect to give this coin a chance to launch🚨.

First of all: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!

Why it was not mooning yet?

It is beacause the devs dont hype the coin to strong. They follow their roadmap step by step. But the project is 100% legit and the community trust them. They migrated already from v1 to v2. Every holder got the same ammount of tokens back. It was just great to see, how serious the devs r working on it! Unfortunately cmc and cg listing was during the migration and the trading was halted at this time. So if u missed it, u can still join the project now.

I know a lot of u r tired of scams and rugpulls, but this one is safu. Join the telegram and read all the pinned post. There u can find all the proofs!!

What is happening next?

The coin will be listed on Whitebit mid of june. Other exchanges will follow (maybe Bitmart). The devs focusing on exchanges atm. They dont pay shillers to shill on socials. So i am doing this post, because i trust in this project!!

What is GAPToken?

🌒GAPT – Charity Token


▫️ Dev Team Has Already Been Revealed (see website)

◾️ WHY IS $GAPT THE FUTURE? ▫️ Highly Experienced Dev Team ▫️ Community Decides Where the Money Goes! ▫️ Telegram Community!

◾️ ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED! ☑️Website and Social Media Launch ☑️ Developer Dox ☑️CoinGecko listed ☑️Coin Market Cap listed ☑️ Trust wallet logo & price

◾️ ON GOING ▫️ Marketing ▫️ Whitebit Listing and other exchanges ▫️ Charity Donation Portal Development

◼️ Tokenomics ▫️ 10% Fee on Every Transaction ▫️ 2.5% Distributed to Holders ▫️ 5% Added to 10 Year Liquidity Lock ▫️ 0.5% to Charity Wallet ▫️ 0.1% to Community Wallet ▫️ 1.9% Burned Forever

🔹 Chart:

🌎 Global Links ▪️ Website: ▪️ Tg Group: ▪️ Github: ▪️ Twitter:

⬛️ Buy:

Is there an AMA??

YES! Next AMA will be after Whitebit listing. Get into the project and follow it. This coin only can go up at the moment and u dont wanna miss it.


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