GMR Finance | Top 20 Binance MVB | Platform had its first feature drop

Still a young project, but the ambitions and focus are there.

It even has a podcast that talks about the project development.

GMR supports gaming organisations with a purpose (wounded vets, streamers with injuries and more), and streamers that have not yet made it big, and they will become verified content creators as the streaming service comes up and running.

Features will include, but not be limited to:

➡️Biggest sector on the planet

➡️NFTs & Utility

➡️Wager Systems

➡️Stream Integrations

➡️Buy Games & Codes with $GMR

➡️Support Devs & Creators

➡️Staking & Swap

➡️Clans & Profiles

➡️Tournaments & Teams

➡️Netflix of Gaming

Contract Address: 0x0523215dcafbf4e4aa92117d13c6985a3bef27d7

CMC Chart:





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