Moonboys is relaunching and re-branding before the launch of its "WALLET" in the mid of July.

-MBS will have a new name and a new contract – The new contract includes a buyback wallet so you don't have to worry about price dropping 😍 – All current holders will automatically be air dropped the new token before the launch – Team is in talks with a huge(one of the biggest👀) American influencer for a long term part

MBS wallet has features that would make "Trust wallet and poocoin" irrelevant and make your life easier. For example: -Accurate Live charts with live accurate prices -Nft section, -No need for DApps you can buy directly via wallet – Many new features which will blow you away 👀😎

Consider this time as PRESALE and fill up your bags while the price is low but the chart is green 📉 👀

Don't just take my word for it, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Trust me you won't regret it


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