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Listed on CMC:

Nudezcoin the revolution waiting to happen to the Adult entertainment market!!! 😍

[N]udez Coin is building an army of sexy adult creators!

[N]udez Coin is on the move. Has signed up 7 new adult content creators in the last 48 hours. Many more are applying and being vetted before the launch of the exclusive [N]udez Coin platform. [The more complicated explanation is that this is an “RFI” investment meaning: it is a reflective investment, each transaction has a 3% tax, 1% being burned, and 2% being distributed back to all holders, accordingly, based upon the amount the current amount of [n]udez your holding, this means their stake is constantly increasing, and auto compounding]

[N]udez Coin is the Sexiest token in Crypto. They are a community run coin with a great team in place. [N]udez Coin is deflationary and has autostaking built in, you make [N]udez just by holding it. This ensures our long term holders in the [N]udez Coin family are taken care of.

[N]udez Coin’s website is a platform for adult NTF’s, VIP model experiences and private chats with talented models. The token will also be used in partnerships with independent adult content platforms. [N]udez Coin is even working on e-commerce deals!

Contract: 0xE60ef2b118C35c987CE28d3b69f84378F2b84b4a 👉Ownership Renounced 👉Community Lead 👉Liquidity Locked 👉No mint function 👉Deflationary and Autostaking 👉Earn by Holding NUDEZ coins 👉NFT, VIP experience platform 👉Talented Adult content creators

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