safe haven during the current crypto bloodbath! CoinGecko is LIVE today and Satoshi Club AMA on May 25th! 💥 : altcoin

Heads up! 🗣️

CoinGecko just listed SUPERDOGE! 💥

Satoshi Club AMA is on May 25th at 11:00 AM UTC.

$SUPDOG is a deflationary meme coin that brands itself as the “world’s first crypto superhero”.

There is a 6% tax rate on every transaction:

🔥2% is permanently burned from the supply.

💎2% is distributed to holders.

🫂2% is sent directly to charity via smart contract.

Team tokens are locked via DxSale. Liquidity is locked for 79 years.

BSC Checker Audit | CertiK audit


Marketing is managed by Transform Group. Transform Group is the leading PR team in the crypto industry and have launched the likes of Ethereum, Tether, and EOS! Their clients have approximately $331 billion combined market value.

Press releases:

Bloomberg | Yahoo Finance | CNBC | Financial Post | Morning Star | BollyInside


For anyone on the fence, I’d highly recommend watching the YouTube AMAs. I’m sure you’ll get a sense of the professionalism and experience of the development team.

Episode 1 of the SuperDoge AMA on Youtube. Watch it here:

Episode 2 of the SuperDoge AMA on Youtube. Watch it here:

Episode 3 of the SuperDoge AMA on Youtube. Watch it here:

Episode 4 of the SuperDoge AMA on Youtube. Watch if here:


500+ BNB has already been generated to our wonderful charities! You can track this number live on

Here are the charity wallets that are currently each receiving 1/3 of the 2% tax rate.

💕WELLS BRING HOPE drills wells to bring safe water and sanitation to the poorest country in the world. Visit website here. Address 0x2A8500831745891D2aC01403Da08883be4D58b72.

💕CHILD ENRICHMENT is providing a voice and a path forward for local children that have experienced abuse of neglect in foster care. Visit website here. Address 0x7Dd4eAE167bc55F9EA5df729936Dcc69af0B54B5.

💕CLARE MATRIX is providing support and a full range of treatment methods to overcome addiction to drugs or alcohol. Visit website here. Address 0xdDE25A762653baf7D53725010ab3901E6E527523.


Twitter responses from charities:

✨Child Enrichment Inc

✨Wells Bring Hope

✨Clare Matrix

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