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The 21st century has brought vast discovery and innovation where new trends and technologies are created to simplify our lives. This new generation is described as the age of information technology, since all users can achieve anything with smartphones, tablets, and computers.

In the world of Decentralized Finance, you'll regret missing the essential part of Capitalizing in the newly launched project – $MiniKishimoto, which exerts inspiration for their upcoming Play to Earn fighting game from the infamous "Street Fighter."

The coolest and latest project comes from the family of Anime Characters and is ready to shake things up in the blockchain gaming. Together with their high merit and hardworking team, $MiniKishimoto will set a high standard of true innovations as they bring a genuinely classic based gaming experience integrated with its own P2E platform and NFT collections.

$MiniKishimoto team and developers established a great foundation for a unique P2E platform that will make its user keep right on the trend. Not just that, Players will indeed have a good time holding $MiniKishimoto because it offers and creates an engaging array design of 3D NFT characters that will be able to use in their high spec. P2E fighting game.

$MiniKishimoto is going to build a long-term and community-driven project enjoying a passive income while having fun in engaging themselves with its P2E platform. They absolutely made a way to meet the expectation and demands of its community. They project launched successfully which benefits its community of investors that would play a significant and essential role in the progress, success, and growth of $Minikishomoto.

As of this writing, here are the latest updates of the project;

• White Paper

• Master Node Article Featured

• Coin Gecko listed

• Coin Market Cap listed

• 660 Telegram Members

• 566 Hodlers and counting



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Contract: (ERC-20, ETH)


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