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Vanity Token, have your own custom wallet! Use the token as currency, Big potential, Presale in under 7hours!

The Idea Behind the Token

Vanity Token was born to take place in the BSC Network, aiming to change repetitive copy-paste meme tokens. The idea of the project is providing a Marketplace for custom addresses based on Vanity Token, which will be the only payment method for the service. All the purchases made in Vanity’s store will be partially reflected and elaborated, for more infos, check the tokenomics.

Get in now!

Is recommended to read the litepaper on the website.

You can find the website, and all the necessary information in Vanity telegram channel in the pinned messages. Hope to see you there!

About Vanity

Vanity is a token that is intended to fully revolutionize the current system with boring old wallet addresses. How do Vanity intend to do this? The team is able to generate custom addresses based on your own preference utilizing GPU Hash Calculation Power to get a match with your request. Keep in mind this project requires high calculation power, so in order to make it a stable service, the team has already purchased GPU Servers being able to hold the upcoming requests!


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How to make sure that your address cannot be compromised and is Safu?

The detailed explanation will be given below, but in short it’s actually not that complicated. The user will generate a Private and a public key, using one of Vanity’s tools (Disconnected from the internet). Now the user needs to keep this private key to themselves, and send us the Public key. This is a key that cannot grant anyone access to your wallet, only the private key is able to do this. Now when the team has the public key, they can generate any custom address you want. The team will send you back the generated hash, and combined with your private key, those can be merged in your desired address, making you the sole holder of the private key as well.

Basic Tokenomics:

The token has a total supply of 10B tokens At the start 2.5B tokens have been burned. 2% of all transactions go to a burn pool, the tokens will stay out of circulation forever 4% of all transactions will get redistributed over all holders. 2% will go the server bills/marketing wallet

For every purchase made in the store Vanity will also burn 50% of the spent tokens and redistribute another 20% to the holders once more. Making this a very deflationary and rewarding token in general.

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