TheCryptoBricks and the $BRICK token 🧱

Some of you may know the original Place project where users were able to place a pixel on an online canvas and color it every 10 minutes. Online communities massively rallied from all around the Internet to draw their emblems and various memes on it.

As of right now, only an archive of Place is available where you can see the final canvas (google “Place Pixel”). As you can see there isn’t any many cryptocurrencies on it. It’s because Place ended on april 2017, the crypto sphere wasn’t as active as it is today. Today, such a canvas would certainly look completely different, just imagine how many meme coins would rally.

Introducing thecryptobricks.comand their project, TheCryptoWall, a special smart contract where users lock their $BRICK into. It’s a blockchain successor to the original Place. This time around, it’s not about placing pixels on a canvas, but it’s about placing BRICKS that you can color as well (technically the same). The concept is that each pixels on the website are actually backed by a BEP-20 Token on the Binance Smart Chain.

But there is a twist, what’s actually crazy is that every $BRICK must be placed on top of another one (expect for the bottom ones as explained on the website). This means that if someone unlock their $BRICK from TheCryptoWall, every BRICKs on top of it will fall, potentially ruining drawings.

Can you imagine the craziness if internet communities, crypto communities, memes creators would rally onto TheCryptoWall and fight against each other ? There is a HUGE side affect to that, this will give a huge incentive for communities to hold onto theirs $BRICK, otherwise drawings will be ruined.

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Contract : 0xB30dFA119Ab2ef5d6a3aA89Cff208f185DEE250c

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