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Moonlight – this gem is prepping for take off!

They’ve been hitting milestone after milestone and they aren’t slowing down! 🚀

They provide comprehensive tools for the BSC and are on track to be the leading Dex tool provider to the BSC! 📊 ⚙

The Moonlight team has been killing it! Here are some of the things they’ve accomplished over the last few weeks: ✅✅✅

-First tool release (Poocoin Promotion Alerts) 💩 exclusive to MoonLight holders. Realtime alerts when a project is promoted on poocoin for the first time! Never miss the moonshot again! 🚀 🌖

-First Partnership (Apeswap) 🦍 – now listed on Apeswap with two staking pools available to earn Moonlight 🌖 and Banana 🍌

-Second tool release (Coingecko/CMC Listing Alerts) 🦎 free to use tool regardless of holdings. Realtime alerts each time a project gets listed on CG and CMC! More moonshots! For free!

-Exchange listing (HotBit) Moonlight is now available to buy and sell on HotBit 🔥

-Listed on CoinGecko and Coinmarketcap!!!

-Over 14,000 Wallets! Over 6,000 TG Members! this project is moving fast and they have no intention of slowing down. 💵

-Daily AMAs to stay transparent and keep investors updated every step of the way. 🙏🙏🙏

We need more tokens with purpose in the BSC, really enhancing groundbreaking tokens with a use case that compliment the ecosystem and I believe Moonlight Token is just that. 🧠

It’s refreshing to be an investor in a project with this much communication and transparency and even moreso to be apart of a project with a real utility that evolves almost daily!

Coming soon:

🗓 BSC Job Posting Platform releasing in 1 Month! 📄

🗓️Smart Tracker to follow the 🐋 movements and act accordingly. For instance, you could buy right after a 🐳 invests a large amount of BNBs because it will probably attract newcomers and create a pump!

🚀They’re very quickly on there way to 15k wallets, get in while you can! the moonlight required to access this tool is 250 billion, with the price increasing daily; this is one not to miss! I’ve spoken to the team directly in the telegram and they have many ground breaking ideas for future tools!

I love being a part of a project that doesn’t leave its investors wondering what comes next! They keep us updated every step of the way! 📚










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