Want to mine without buying expensive rigs? This Alt coin group just created NFTs that mine crypto in the background for you. It’s worth looking into! (Always make sure to DYOR) : altcoin

Arteon is an Alt Coin that just recently launched NFT graphics cards that mine their token every day! They have been around for a couple months already, and have already gotten onto CMC and 4 exchanges! They are a hard working team that has built a lot of trust with their community. These guys are definitely worth checking out!

So, why NFT mining?

  1. It doesn’t require buying expensive mining rigs.

  2. Costs a lot less energy to mine this way! It’s energy efficient!

  3. No electricity costs!

Here’s their open sea page where you can see what mining NFTs they have available! https://opensea.io/accounts/ARTEON

And you can meet the team here in discord!


Here’s the CMC listing: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/arteon

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