Why I like Dragonchain and think it’s a huge sleeper! : altcoin

1.) Dragonchain has a really solid team, with proven track records in a wide variety of tech fields. They aren’t some developers that popped up out of nowhere, with clearly doctored and overly emphatic resumes (there are no “serial entrepreneurs” at Dragonchain). They are the real deal, and have decades upon decades of experience with their team.

2.) Dragonchain is a very well thought out project, it’s been developed over 4 years. It’s not some flash in the pan get rich quick scheme trying to jump on the ICO craze. It began as the Disney Open Source project in 2015. The team is in it for the long haul, they’re trend setters not trend followers.

3.) Dragonchain will offer interchain capabilities allowing developers to code their blockchain projects in whichever programming language they choose. They also offer dual chain capabilities allow for both public and private blockchains to coexist in one ecosystem. This is great for clients that need to utilize a private blockchain for sensitive data.

4.) Dragonchain is building a marketplace in the future that will offer many goods and services to DRGN holders.

5.) Dragonchain offers incubation services allowing prospective clients to pitch various blockchain ideas to the Dragonchain team. If the team feels the client has a viable blockchain project, Dragonchain will allow DRGN holders to participate in funding the incubator project.

6.) Dragonchain’s token DRGN offers incentives to hold and accumulate. They have what’s called the Dragon Slumber Score. Which is an algorithm that takes the amount of tokens you hold plus the time you’ve held said tokens and calculates a number, which is your slumber score. The higher your slumber score, the greater the benefits a holder gets. Right now the main benefit for having a high slumber score, is getting a big discount when investing in incubator projects. In the future however, long time holders will be able to trade in some of their slumber score for various goods and services.

7.) From a purely investment standpoint, Dragonchain isn’t on any major exchanges as of yet. The largest one is Kucoin which I believe is ranked around 50th on CMC. This allows room for tremendous growth, and I truly believe they have the resources to get listed on the bigger exchanges.

8.) Dragonchain is headquartered in Seattle, a global hub of technology and innovation with many of the largest tech corporations on the planet. The likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing, Zillow, Bittrex and Valve all call Seattle home and Dragonchain neighbor. This gives Dragonchain tremendous networking and global reach opportunities.

9.) Lastly, and this is just purely aesthetics with me.. Their logo is hands down the best in the cryptoverse!

I’m always looking for what I think are great investment opportunities regardless of the medium. Whether it be stocks or antiques or cryptos, I’ve always got my eyes open. I have a specific criteria for investing in particular cryptocurrencies and Dragonchain meets nearly all those criteria. The price is very low right now and in my opinion a very low risk, high reward gamble. Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dragonchain/

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